"Maria gives a wonderfully thorough and enjoyable reading. She has good intuition and is certainly connected to the angelic and fairy realms. She is patient and focused. Whatever it is you are wanting to know or would like help with you will be pleased and possibly even comforted by what comes through in your reading." From Grace 

As a Celtic Wisdom Keeper Maria O'Farrell Carr offers Angel Cards Readings & Fairy Readings,
Fairy Clearings & Healings, Medical Intuitive, Celtic Crystal Heart Healing Transmissions,
Land Healing & Clearing & More...

Maria is a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner and uses her ancient Irish intuitive gifts during each session that have been passed down to her from her Irish family. Maria also has 15 years of experience in many other modalities.

Maria is a clairvoyant and a claircognizant which means that she has a "clear knowing" when it comes to your Angelic Messages and Guidance and she can also "see" the best direction for you to take, based upon what angelic messages the Angels give to her.

She is also gifted with:
ClairAUDIENCE - The intuitive hearing of messages
ClairSENTIENCE - The intuitive knowing by feeling
ClairTACTION is the ability to sense or distantly physical touch people and etheric entities
ClairEMPATHY – Intuitive feeling of emotions or empathetic
ClairELOQUENCE – Intuitive communicating, means how certain words have great important
ClairESSENCE – Intuitive embodiment - The Clair of Ascension. Been able to travel to higher dimensions and work with the angels at this higher vibrational level.

Maria channel messages direct from the Ascended Masters and Archangels, her Celtic family Ancestors and to her ancestors the Tuatha De Dannan. She is also known for her gifts as a Medical Intuitive and has worked with clients with cancer, unexplained health issues, back injuries to working with people who just have a sense of unwell or not within harmonious balance emotional, physically and mentally.

All 1 hr sessions are $100 by zoom or phone.
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“Maria radiates compassion and a powerful healing energy through her work, the way in which she spoke was both comforting and encouraging. She was patient with my questions and took the time to explain any of my uncertainties. Through her insights she gave validation and a clear direction for the next step in life. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her!” - Kali, BC

"My soul feels so much better in my skin." And my relationship with my ancestors has deepened. Thanks again and Continued Blessings on you and your work in the world. Wilma, AB

My Celtic Wisdom reading with Maria was soulful, uplifting and heartfelt. Maria's beautiful Irish accent led me through a blessed journey that was healing and truly intuitive with her gifts of clairvoyance. Many of my unspoken questions were answered. Her wise counsel and direction to live from the heart enlivened my steps even hours after our meeting. Thank you, Maria! You truly are a beautiful, magnetic soul. I do wish to travel on a tour to Ireland with you one day!  from Tara, BC

 "Today I had a reading with Maria and would like to tell you that she is very connected and in-tune as a reader. She listened patiently to my questions and feedback. She gave me quite a lot of information. Most of my reason for the reading was to verify whether a recent career decision was a good one and the answer I received set my mind at rest. And the work with the fairies was delightful. I will have another reading again sometime." C.H

"The card readings with Maria offered me the insight and "gentle nudge" to move in the right direction in terms of health and career choices. Maria's medical intuitiveness gifts provide a different form of insight for the individual that western medicine cannot provide. Maria's deep sense of compassion, empathy and intuitive gifts provide an emotionally safe yet dynamic environment to receive her healing and energy work." ~ Heather

"I have had the good service provided to dog from Marie. My dog suddenly became ill overnight. I new she was trying to tell me something, but couldn't quite make out what it was. Marie came by to see her. My dog instantly went to the door to greet her. She looked at Marie and back her body up towards her. Marie instantly new my dogs hips were suffering from the hike she was on the day before. My two dogs love Marie and sense her animal intuitiveness from the first time they met her. They always sit right beside her while she is visiting. Thank you Maria for kind, gentle way with my pets." ~ Rhonda

So glad to hear you are doing readings again. You are most gifted and a blessing to us all. Love n light Denise

“My session with Maria was both validating and comforting; bringing me peace of mind, strong healing energy and support during this transition time in my life. Thank you Maria”. ~ Kerry

I've known Maria for a number of years, and find her insights helpful at most unexpected times. Often during conversation I've mentioned a concern or some decision to be made, and she seems to disappear into some other dimension for a few moments, then come up with appreciated advice or insights which help me to clarify my thinking. It's a sort of "aha! Why didn't I think of that?" And Maria never seems to strain or struggle to 'tune in', it simply happens!. ~ Dianne

Get yourself, family or friends the gift of a Celtic Intuitive Reading from this beautiful fairy soul right here in the Okanagan! ~ Jody