Maria's Book

Maria's 2nd book is now published in NEW 2nd updated edition!


  The Guide to Ireland's Celtic Wisdom, Traditions and Sites!

By Celtic Wisdom Keeper Maria O’Farrell Carr

Everything the spirituality inquisitive traveller needs to know about visiting Ireland.
Learn about the history of the Emerald Isle, Sacred Sites, Ancient Monasteries, Stone Circles, Fairy Forts, Castles, 
Tuatha De Danann, Celtic Goddesses, Green Man, Atlantis, Leylines and messages from the Fairies and Celtic Legends.
This book is also a guide to the Irish traditions and magical places we visit on our Sacred Ireland Tours.

 I found the book to be a very informative piece, with the right blend of Irish history, culture, geography, mythology, fairies, and fun. 
Elliott Cross

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Maria's 3rd Book is currently at the editing stage - Check back to see updates!-

Angel Jerome
A Journey that assists us in enhancing your own Intuition
By Celtic Wisdom Keeper Maria O’Farrell Carr



Maria's 1st book! (Out of Print)



 The Story of a Stone Circle and of one of Ireland's Leylines

 By Celtic Wisdom Keeper Maria O’Farrell Carr

'This book is designed to share with you the amazing adventure and spiritual journey that took place in Ireland. Along with the story of messages given to Maria O'Farrell Carr from Archangel Michael and Angel Jerome. It is also a book that explores the stone circles, vortex and leylines in Ireland and in England, Canada, North America and Hawaii. It is about some of the energy places that we have visited on our Sacred Tours. It reflects the new energy changes that we are experiencing now and I hope that it also enhances your spiritual connection to these magical places.'
ISBN: 978-0-9940154-0-2 

 "I finally dropped everything yesterday and focused on your book. I began in the afternoon and read till sleep time and finished this morning with coffee in hand. I have to tell you that once I started I could not put it down! It was so engaging and it also confirmed many of my visions both in sleep dreams and dreams awake. I have to admit I did get choked up realising I missed the trip of a life time to the first ceremony in Ireland. Reading your book and pondering about male/ female energy it did give rise to thinking of the sacrifices we choose to make. I was so excited to read about the beloved Brigid. You have done such a wonderful job of captivating the audience with truth, light excitement and in memory of the old world. Thanking for bringing this book to the new world Maria. I am grateful. I now have a large pocket size book with a world of information!" In gratitude and honour, Rhonda Kyle, Penticton BC

  Amazing as Angel Jerome presenting himself to Maria may seem the glory of the encounter lies within the quickness Maria feels the peace of a heart connection and the Spirit of Oneness......"I didn't feel diminished in his presence-----I felt no fear, only joy and warm and love."
In gratitude Maria displays an openness welcoming many more encounters throughout the realms. Choosing to share her healing abilities and wishing to teach self-empowerment she leads groups to sacred sights. None greater than the 2013 journey to an archaic stone circle in Ireland. There a ceremony took place forging our DNA into the energy of Oneness - mankind's only choice now since the occurrence of the end of duality on December 30, 2006.
   We are blessed Maria is living her power and blazing a trail for us all!