Celtic Wisdom & Fairies Workshop with Maria O’Farrell Carr

Please contact Maria for upcoming dates In Killarney, Bray, Co. Wicklow and the Okanagan, BC Canada

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I met Maria in Ireland on the Celtic Sacred Tour last March. I drove 12 hours to be with them again in Penticton. And if I could, I'd be in Calgary. Inspiring, uplifting, mind blowing, funny, loving women. And my classmates were absolutely fab. Miss you all already. From Deb C


Celtic Wisdom Workshop with Maria O’Farrell Carr

In this afternoon, one day or two day workshop we create an opportunity to learn about the Ancient Celtic Vibrations, Ireland sacred sites, about the stones circles, the old ways of ancient land healings and let’s talk about the fairies.  

The Celtic Wheel and Seasons * Grounding to the sacred land of ancient Ireland * Irish Goddesses,  The Green Man and the High kings of Ireland
Sacred Ancient places and leylines, Fairy Rings & Ireland Stones Circles * The Tuatha De Dannan, Salmon of Knowledge, Tir Na Nog and the fairy’s otherworld 
Fairies 101: Connect and learn about the fairies * Learn to connect with your own fairy team. Fairy Meditation and Fairy Irish traditions
Learn to work with the fairies in your garden, in your home as well as in your work place. * How Fairies assist you in healing therapy.
Sheela-na-gig and Gobnait.  Master Druids, Inisfallen, a place of sacredness for Priestesses and Monks
Understanding Ireland’s energetic history from druids, to invasion and catholic new order to now
Who is this Brian Boru?  And who is the Bean-a-ti? What is a Royal Complex, such as Tara?  And what is a Ban Fheis
What is Brú na Bóinne and Unesco * Atlantis, Ireland Magnetic Grid and Leylines

Please contact Maria if you are interested in attending this course or hosting it in your community.

Fairies FUNdamentals Course by Maria O'Farrell Carr

In this half day or one day workshop learn to connect with your own fairy team. Learn to work with the fairies in your garden, in your home as well as with assisting you in healing therapy. Dates: TBA. Please contact Maria if you are interested in attending this course.

Sacred EarthStar Wheel - Move Over Sedona!  by Maria O'Farrell Carr

In this one day workshop we will learn to connect with the North American EarthStar wheel. Learn to work with the vortex and leylines. Connect with the land, guides and energies. This workshop is taught in the Okanagan, BC, Alberta and Washington. This is also available in an 2 hour talk or the 8 hour workshop. Dates: TBA. Please contact Maria if you are interested in attending this course.


Previous Course

May 4th, 2017 - Guest Speaker at the Kyron Ireland Conference in Cork, Ireland.

"Sacred Okanagan - Move Over Sedona!" Seminar
Sunday May 24, 2015 @ Kelowna’s. Holistic Market at 
11:45-12:15 There is a reason why so many people, light-workers and energy workers are drawn to the Okanagan! The Lake Okanagan is one of the points on the Earth Energy wheel and is a large vortex. It is also the center for many Leylines to emerge that reach across BC. Join Maria O'Farrell Carr as we discuss how sacred the land is we live on. Maria is a Celtic Wisdom Keeper from Ireland, a Fairy energy healer, an intuitive, and guides sacred tours to Ireland, Hawaii, Cuba and in the Okanagan. Maria and friends will be offering Angel card readings throughout the day.

Sacred Lake Louise/ Alberta - Move Over Sedona! - June 2015

Sacred Rainier/Washington area - Move Over Sedona! June 2015

OkanaganAngels & Fairies Expo - Seminars

SATURDAY June 13th 
12:00pm to 12:30pm - Connect with your Fairy Energy by Maria O’Farrell Carr
3.00pm to 3.33pm – Sacred Journeys with Maria O’Farrell Carr

SUNDAY June 14th
12pm to 12.30pm - Our Sacred Okanagan - Move over Sedona by Maria O’Farrell Carr 


Bonita Kay Summers
Kudos to Maria and everyone else involved in putting this event together. I had a wonderful time meeting so many new folks, clients and fellow vendors, in a fun and inviting space. Looking forward to next year.

Cherylann Thomas
Maria, thank you so much for the wonderful event you coordinated this weekend! I was thrilled to not only be able to share my craft with your customers and vendors, but to meet so many like-minded new friends!

Ancient Celtic Vibrational & Celtic Shaman Course  with Ireland's
This three day workshop connects you to the Celtic Vibrations, Shamanic Celtic traditions, Your Fairy Team and their realm, land clearing, sacred sites and how to heal the land and Lightworkers symptoms. We also do Goddesses work at the stones circles. 
Penticton June 16, 17, 18, 2015



On June 21st we aim to create the largest Summer Solstice our valley has seen. We invite you to join us in Penticton and to invite your friends and your groups. This event is part of the Okanagan Sacred Energy Festival that is running in Penticton from June 12 to June 22, so we already will have a good size group attending coming from the valley, across Canada, USA and from Ireland. So we thought wouldn’t be amazing if we had a huge group of like-minded people gather together as one. What a dream! We would love to create the largest Summer Solstice similar to a Guinness world record. :O) 
What fun!  Everyone is welcome. No experience is required. 


Cara Leanne Garnett
Wonderful experience yesterday- thank you smile emoticon have a very happy rest of the week...

Avichi van Campen
Lovely community gathering celebrating solstice and the beautiful powerful land we live in. Thanks for organizing Maria, and for all who attended.

Pepper Anne
Thank you to all who formed our circle of celebrating the Summer Solstice ! Truly feel beloved and blessed to be with you all !

Marilyn Colquhoun
Amazing numbers turned out! Nice to see this in Penticton.

Jennifer Innes
Thank you all for a wonderful experience!

Rita Montgomery
Well done, excellent event. Your hard work at organizing this huge gathering played out perfectly. Great job Maria O'Farrell Carr a huge success in gathering our community into ever bigger circles. Thank you
1,840 have looked at that little clip of the Okanagan Summer Solstice 2015. Gotta love it.

Daniela Lojková
Thank You! Amazing! Now I really know why we love so much Penticton!

Cindy Smith
Wow it is wonderful to see all the beautiful energy gathering together. Terrific way to honor the summer solstice. wish I could have been there.

Nicole Parsons
This warms my Heart so much, what a wonderful turn out! Way to go Maria O'Farrell Carr for organizing this. You are blessed with a Divine Gift Thank you for sharing